Timeline                                                                                                                           Instructions

Download Timeline Quick Reference Sheet of the instructions listed below.


  • Artist names, along with dates of featured artworks, appear in black type.
  • Historical events appear in red.
  • To view more information, roll over an artwork or event. A pop-up window will appear. To learn more about a featured artwork, click on the pop-up window. You will go to a page containing larger artwork images, looking questions, historical and artistic context, an artist biography, and related materials from the Smithsonian.
  • To scroll across the timeline, drag the dark gray bar at the bottom.
  • To show a wider or narrower range of dates, drag the red ends of the gray bar to adjust the earliest and latest visible dates. Your new range of artworks and events will appear on the timeline. (Please note, when you have date ranges of more than ten or twenty years, some events "drop out" of view.) You can also zoom in or out of date ranges by clicking the magnifying glass icons in the red bar at the upper right corner. The amount you zoom in will determine whether the timeline displays decades or individual years.
  • When you return to the Timeline from another section of the website, it resets to the default position.
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